Göteborg Book Fair 2011-2

 Our author, Réal Laplaine, participated in the Sweden’s largest book event – Göteborg Book Fair 2011-2, taken place on Sep. 25-26 2011. The public interest exceeded our expectations, considering the fact that his books were in English, not in Swedish. He sold lots of his books at the show, and drew attention of European publishers, book sellers, and other people in the industry. His book Intrusion was praised not only by adults, but teenagers as well. Here is what one of his book admirers wrote to him after the show:

 Hi Real!

Today I met you at the Gothenburg book fair, a 13 year old brunette girl whose family is from Ireland and USA. I started your book Intrusion and it stuck to my hands! I just wanted to tell you your book is great! Really. At the fair I went to all the places with friendly people. You know, people with a smile. You had this charming, warm look from a movie when I first saw you. You look just like the guy from Hachiko, my favorite movie. I wanted a closer look so I stopped at your “store” and figured you were one of those talkative sellers, but you spoke English!

Intrusion sounded as a perfect book for me and I bought it… But I absolutely love it!

I’m going to buy your third book when I find it in stores, it was called Kid something? Buffalo kid?

I hope you’ll write more books. Are you good at sci-fi?

At school I’m in the student counsel, and I’m going to try to sell in your books to our low stacked library. I think your books will sell fine, with some luck they’ll be well-known world wide!

Great books and good luck,


 Thank you for your good job and congratulations! Your success is phenomenal.

Asteroid Publishing team.

A review on June Bourgo novel ‘Winter’s Captive’ was published by Midwest Book Review in the Fiction Shelf section:

“There is no harsher master than Mother Nature. “Winter’s Captive” is a novel from June Bourgo as she crafts a riveting tale of Georgia Charles, a young woman who finds herself spurned by life and living in the vicious north of Canada. Facing her own pregnancy, the cruelty of man, and the drive to survive for the good of her future and the good of her children, “Winter’s Captive” is a nonstop thriller that should prove quite hard to put down.”


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