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Andrei Gavrilov – interview with Asteroid Publishing

Q. In your book I came across an interesting thought that a performer “needs to know the personal life of every composer inside and out.” In general, the concept of thorough investigation is applicable to anything we do. But in practical matters it is information and logic that make the dots connected and bring clarity … Continue reading

Winter’s Captive

Winter’s Captive by June Bourgo is a story of one woman’s incredible survival against all odds in the Canadian northern wilderness, and her ensuing emotional and spiritual journey towards empowerment.  In her novel, BC author June Bourgo presents her admirably heroic, yet real-to-life protagonist, Georgia Charles, who faces unimaginable adversity on her road to personal … Continue reading


Contra-ODESSA by Alex Markman         Inspired by a true story, Contra-OSESSA is about the workings of superpowers’ secret services in Latin America in the 1960s. A team of KGB operatives in Argentina were hunting former Nazis who kept their money in Swiss banks. Under torture, the agents extorted from them their secret accounts numbers, money … Continue reading

In Memory of Somerset Maugham

 In December it will be 46 years since Maugham died. He did not expect to live long. In 1938, at the age of 64, believing that his writing carrier was over and days numbered, he published his famous book, Summing Up. It was meant to be an epitome of his life, a reflection on all his … Continue reading


By Andrew Andersen Illustration: Hieronymus Bosch Today it would hardly be an exaggeration to say that further development of creativity in the cultural vacuum of modern era is essential for the survival of our civilization.  Our civilization is clearly going through crisis largely caused by the loss of the clear definition of the sense of … Continue reading