Slavery and Slave Prostitution in the Modern World

If in the beginning of 21st century a war in the Western hemisphere had erupted, leaving in the battlefields half a million soldiers dead in a single year, it would have been recorded in military text books as one of the greatest in the history of humanity. Add to these casualties twelve million prisoners of war in the same year, and you will get a scale of hostility surpassing that of WWII. What would happen if such a war continued for10 years with the same result every year?

It is obvious that the Western world won’t be able to sustain such loss of life and stress on its economy for long. What would happen though, if there is a criminal activity, which results in the same magnitude of tragedy, but for aliens, whose life is none of our business? Could this happen in our time? If so, would we care less if their misery contributes to our prosperity and pleasures of life?

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